Career at Smeeta Automation

At Smeeta Automation, we strive to create a company culture that encourages forward thinking. We nurture this mindset by selecting the best people who meet our high standards. Our value system as an organization puts great emphasis on training and employee development. While there is particular focus on developing fine tuned technical skills, the importance of communication and interpersonal skills is also highly regarded.

We, at Smeeta Automation, believe that employee training and development is necessary to differentiate us as a unique force in the industry today. Compensation and benefits are regularly benchmarked with industry standards and policies are devised to support work life balance.

Smeeta Automation is an open organization that maintains a people-centric culture. We value our people more than anything. Here, talented individuals can grow to any level in whichever stream they are adept in, be it project management, business development, marketing, technical consultancy, testing, quality or other support functions. We have an environment that stimulates innovation, encourages teamwork, and brings out the best in our employees.

Smeeta Automation, with its focus on people development, has been able to retain and nurture its highly technical workforce. The strength of Smeeta Automation is strongly built on technical and professional excellence. To keep up with the technical excellence, young blood is inducted into the organization annually. We always seek talented sales, engineering and management professionals.